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Enterprise Electric Company has the skills to handle any electrical project from design to completion. The company has self performed over one billion dollars of electric work in its eighty seven years of existence. One of the largest electrical contractors in Maryland, Enterprise Electric’s expert handling of installations by specialists familiar with every phase of electrical construction is the foundation of our reputation for doing jobs effectively, on time, and within budget.

Enterprise Electric’s diversity and capabilities are best demonstrated by the types of projects we’ve undertaken: office buildings, industrial plants, symphony halls, convention centers, stadiums, hospitals, schools, waste water treatment facilities, airports, power plants, highway lighting. Virtually every type of Federal, State and Municipal building installation has been built and serviced by us.

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Phase 1 Completion of BWI International Pier Extension
Aug 14, 2018

Enterprise Electric has recently completed Phase 1 of the BWI Airport International Pier Extension   

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Enterprise Awarded the Crofton Area High School Project
Mar 07, 2018

Enterprise is awarded the Crofton Area High School, a new construction project that has an anticipated completion date of August 2020.

Enterprise Awarded the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant
Mar 14, 2016

Enterprise is awarded the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant, which is an industrial project that will take approximately three years to complete.

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