Enterprise Electric Company

The Brandon Shores AQCS Project

7535 Solley Road, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21226


New industrial installation of an air quality control station for an existing power plant on a 375 acre campus. Including a substantial amount of high voltage work, Motor Control Centers and control panels installed in multiple buildings.

Scope of Work

Subcontractor. Per specifications; Enterprise Electric self-performed electrical work as follows: Install 13.8kV Switchgear, 230kV H-Frame structure and primary manually operated switches and associated equipment. Install (4) 4.16kV 200A Switchgear Units, (3) 480V 3200A Double-ended Substations, (4) 480V 1600A MCC, (3) 230kV transformers (prefabricated and installed with buss duct going to six electrical buildings), (7) 480V 800A MCC, (2)-each UPS panels, UPS Transformers, Battery Racks, chargers, and control panels, (2) DC Power Distribution panels and over 20 panelboards with NEMA 12 enclosures & transformers plus more as the project developed. Install extensive volumes of heavy gauge indoor and outdoor cable ladder/tray with covers and rigid conduit throughout all buildings associated with this project; all with industrial rated rack supports. Install and terminate cabling, lighting and receptacles. Install an above-grade grounding system. Install SCADA system.

Unique Aspects and Challenges of Project

The Brandon Shores AQCS project was a large fast-paced industrial project at a power generation plant with work in multiple buildings including a switchyard and electrical building. This was a very intricate project; a great deal of coordination between the trades had been required as well as a good working relationship with the Construction Management team. There was a large volume of quality control and tracking paperwork generated on a daily basis. Our project management team and strong on-site supervision enabled constant coordination with the other trades and the general contractor. Enterprise demonstrated strong team dynamics in its field personnel by coping with the changing demands of the job and the growing scope while maintaining a fast working pace. Due to the company’s size, Enterprise Electric Company was able to provide adequate manpower to keep the project moving.