Enterprise Electric Company

BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport - Substation Upgrades MAA-CO-01-010

BWI Airport, Maryland 21240


New Installation of North and South High Voltage Substations-40,000sq.ft.

General Contractor

Enterprise Electric Company

Scope of Work/Challenges to Project

Prime Contractor. Install all work including two 34.5kV double ended substations, two 34.5kVA oil filled transformers & containment ponds, manholes & Ductbank, feeders, new switchgear & outdoor enclosure (the enclosure was the size of a single wide mobile home) and removal of existing feeders & equipment. A short circuit coordination study was also provided. Enterprise furnished and installed a temporary generator. It was critical not to have an interruption to normal airport operations in a 24/7 environment.

Enterprise has been involved in dozens of projects at BWI Airport over the past fifteen years. Due to the company’s size, Enterprise Electric Company was able to provide adequate manpower to keep the projects moving. Our field representation at BWI is unparalleled; staff and vehicles for most medium to large projects normally vary between 12 to 20 employees and 7 to 20 vehicles. Twenty percent of our badged employees possess escorting privileges. Enterprise has worked every shift imaginable: day shift, night shift, short duration night shift, extended weekend shutdowns and continuous “around the clock” shift work until certain definable features of work are completed.

Unique Aspects and Challenges of Project

The BWI Substation Upgrade was a project requiring a very high degree of coordination with the MAA and BGE. There were large amounts of underground ductwork installed; as well as, (2) double-ended switchgear and more. Outages had to be planned and executed with precision to prevent interruption to normal airport operations. It was necessary that field personnel obtain security clearances for access to the project site.