C2-CNT East Facility

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland


537,700 SF Base Building and Interior Fit-out 485,000SF Primary Building including: Offices, Engineering Laboratories and R&D Space. 52,000SF 2-Story SAE High Bay Building including: Additional laboratories 700SF 2-Level Connector Bridge

Scope of Work

Subcontractor. LEED Silver Certified Project. Install work per Division 26 plans and specifications and according to National Electric Code.

Install the normal, critical and emergency power distribution systems in the base building including: (2) 4000A double-ended switchboards, multiple 35kVA load break switches & pad- mounted transformers, (54) dry-type transformers, (11) 800A Distribution Panels, (17) 400A Distribution Panels, over (200) panelboards, conduit and feeders. Install (3) 1600A bus duct risers, (1) 1200A bus duct riser, (4) 800A bus duct risers, (4) 800A horizontal bus ways and (16) 400A horizontal bus ways. Install (2) 2500kVA stand-by generators, (1) 5000A paralleling switchgear, 35kVA ATS, (4) 1200A ATS, (1) 800A ATS, (4) 400A ATS, (2) 1200A emergency distribution panels, (1) 800A emergency distribution panel, (1) 600A emergency distribution panel and (7) 400A emergency distribution panels. Install (13) PDU’s and under floor cabling. Install (2) 900kVA N+1 module UPS units, (1) 2500A UPS MDP, (2) 800A UPS distribution panels and (2) 600A UPS distribution panels. Install over (20,000 LF) of multi-layer cable tray. Install extensive lab and under floor grounding systems.

Install the normal, critical and emergency power distribution systems in the high-bay building including: (1) 2000A switchboard, (1) 400A Distribution panel and (2) 1000A horizontal bus way. Install (1)1250kVA stand-by generator, (1) 1600A emergency switchboard, (1) 1200A ATS, (1) 800A ATS and (1) 150A ATS. Install (1) 600kVA N+1 module UPS unit, (1) 1200A emergency distribution panel, (1) 400A emergency distribution panel, (1) 800A UPS distribution panel and (1)600A UPS horizontal bus way.

In all areas: furnish and install branch power, provide interior and exterior lighting and lighting controls, provide single point power connections to mechanical equipment. Provide Fire Alarm and Mass Notification system.

Project management and strong on-site supervision enabled constant coordination and with other trades and the general contractor. Due to the company’s size, Enterprise Electric Company was able to provide adequate manpower to keep the project moving.