Enterprise Electric Company

CMS Headquarters Energy Project

7500 Security Blvd. - Woodlawn, MD 21244


472,000SF Renovation of (3) Office Buildings and (1) Warehouse. Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement and Retro-fit of approximately (10,000) light fixtures.

Scope of Work

Work Performed as: Subcontractor

Install work per Division 26 plans and specifications and according to National Electric Code.Furnish and install all electrical equipment, controls, coordination study, conduit and wiring associated with: the new installation of (6) new chillers, cooling towers serving the cooling system and all related primary, secondary, condenser water pumps, heat exchangers, water filtration & treatment equipment the installation of a new main boiler plant with (3) new fire tube type boilers, and a temporary chiller and cooling tower system for use during the replacement of the old existing chiller and cooling tower system. The project also included the retro-fit of approximately 10,000 light fixtures with more energy efficient ballast and tube kits.

Remove all associated controls, wiring and conduit for the demolition of the existing (5) chillers and associated cooling towers for the General House and ADP cooling including all related pumps, condenser pumps and heat exchangers.