Enterprise Electric Company

CMS Headquarters Roof Repair & Photovoltaic Installation Project 

7500 Security Blvd. - Woodlawn, MD 21244 


Photovoltaic Installation, Multi-building Campus 

Scope of Work

Subcontractor. Install work per Division 26 plans and specifications and according to National Electric Code.

Install two 210kw inverters and one 110kw inverter, install (6,500) photovoltaic panels, install monitoring system, combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes and all photovoltaic ties on rooftops of the CMS North building, South building, Central building, Warehouse, and (2) Walkway canopies. Provide assembly and installation of photovoltaic modules, wiring harnesses, canopy rail mounting hardware and ballast rack kits. Install wiring harnesses from modules to combiner boxes. Install concrete ballast blocks. Furnish and install grounding and bonding of photovoltaic modules and array structures. Furnish and install low voltage AC and DC wiring within the switchgear. Furnish and install Siemens Power quality meters to monitor system and tied into the GSA system. Provide all commissioning for photovoltaic module system. Furnish and install all panelboards, circuit breakers and fuses.