Enterprise Electric Company

SSA Operations & Altmeyer Buildings - Emergency Generator Upgrades

6201 Security Blvd., Woodlawn, Maryland 21235


This was a phased replacement existing emergency generators with (2) 750kw generators and upgrade to power for elevators. Multiple new ATSs and feeders were provided. Temporary power/generators had to be provided to maintain the occupied building. All outages had to be planned in advance. 

Scope of Work

Install work per Division 26 plans and specifications and according to National Electric Code.

Furnish and install (2) 750kW emergency generators, (2) 600A ATS, (3) 400A ATS, (1) 225A ATS and 250kW load banks. At the generators, furnish and install control circuits and power circuits for heaters. Provide new fire alarm monitoring to the new generators. Provide testing, commissioning and training for the new generators. Furnish and install new feeders.

Plan outages for transfer of power to temporary generator and again to new generators.

Furnish and install new Panelboards to replace those that are existing and transfer existing circuits to new the Panelboards. Furnish and install new transformer. Furnish and install duct banks and replace circuit breakers in the existing switchboards. Replace trip units in existing breakers. Eaton tapped the internal bus at LC-3 and providing landing pads in lieu of modifying the existing 2500A Bus Way and installing a new inline tap box at LC3 to feed fire pumps. Furnish and install MI cable for Fire Pumps as shown on the electrical drawings.

Provide Over-current Protective Device Coordination Study.

Furnish and install conduit and cable for new Elevator Control Wiring.
Make modifications to the existing ASCO manual transfer switch for the elevators.

Furnish and install single point power connections to mechanical equipment and furnish and install power connections to VFD’s. Disconnect existing CRAC power circuits and furnish and install new power circuits to CRAC units. Demo existing circuits and provide new conduit and wire for new circuits feeding existing condensate pumps. Disconnect and reconnect the existing conduit & feeders for the existing temporary chiller switch so the temporary chiller switch could be rotated by others

Furnish and install new conduit and wire for new circuits feeding existing lighting and existing receptacles.