Enterprise Electric Company

The Fallon Federal Building

31 Hopkins Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21201


Renovation of 452,200sq. ft. Federal building with (19) floors phased construction including: (2) Data Centers and systems replacement. 

Scope of Work

Subcontractor. Install electrical work for (2) Data Centers(1 IRS & 1 VBA), replace (3) Motor Control Centers, install UPS, PDU, work on elevator, command center, child care center, (2) kitchens, install complete Fire Alarm system, install lighting and special dimming control system and install security system per Division 16000 plans and specifications and according to National Electric Code. The Fallon Federal Building was a three year project with multiple agencies involved. It was necessary to coordinate work so that agencies within the building could be moved to their new locations without interrupting their work patterns at any time. Throughout the job Enterprise Electric was required to plan numerous outages to start and finish by the end of federal holidays so there were no disruptions to normal business operations.

In many cases, multiple tasks were being performed and completed during a single outage to take advantage of the limited time systems could be shut down. Prior coordination made multitasking during these events effective.

Areas in which work was performed include: Office Spaces, Data Centers and Electric Rooms while the building occupied by such organizations as follows: Homeland Security, Veterans Administration, VBA, ATF, IRS, Immigration Courts and Immigration.